Solé Diesel SK-60 Boat Engine

Engines SK-60 4 cylinders EN LÍNEA 60 HP (44 kW) 2700 RPM

The SK-60 is the Solé Diesel's marine engine on Kubota base, that guarantees high performance and durability. A 4 cylinders engine with 53,9 hp output at 2.700 rpm and 2.434 cc. It has been designed to offer a compacter and lighter option for sailingboats and small professional fishing boats, with reduced space but with a high power demand. It has a turbo intake system that allows consumption and pollution reduction, according to the RCD II emissions certifications. The SK-60 has available a lot of kits to make easy and cheaper the installation, and also a wide variety of configurations.
Base engine manufacturer Kubota
Intermittent power 60 HP - 44 KW
Max RPM 2700 RPM
Number of strokes 4
Number of cylinders 4
Layout of cylinders EN LÍNEA
Cylinder diameter 87 MM
Cylinder stroke 102,4 MM
Total displacement 2434 CC
Intake system Turbocharged
Standard voltage 12 V
Certifications and emissions EU: RCD II (DIR. 2013/53/EU)