Electrical kits for engines

Thanks to the electrical kits, Solé Diesel engines improve their possibilities in performance, converted into customised equipment capable of offering an exigent performance even in the most complex situations.

SDC 2000

This kit has been developed in order to allow all the parameters of the engine to be displayed on a digital device, such as a Raymarine or other display unit. SDC2000 consists of an analogue to digital signal converter, which uses the NMEA 2000 protocol. Once the information is converted, it is transferred to the multifunctional on-board system.


This device is Plug&Play, so it does not require any installation or programming.



Exhaust temperature alarm

It is a LED indicator incorporated on the control panel with a warning function in case of excess exhaust temperature. This kit is available for every model of engine panels, excluding SVT10. The kit consists of the LED light and an exhaust hose with a sensor.



Fuel leak alarm

This kit is designed to detect high pressure fuel leaks, between the injection pump and injectors. It consists of double-walled pipes and a leak detector. It is provided with a detailed installation manual in order to facilitate the mounting process.



Water leak alarm SP60 Saildrive

Specially designed for SP60 Saildrive, this kit consists of an acoustic and light alarm that warns of a leaking of salt water incoming from the sea.