Marine Control Panels for Engines

The innovative SSG Control Panel Range for Solé Marine Engines represents a leap forward in the management and monitoring of propulsion engines. Significantly improving upon our previous SVT model, this line of compact panels offers a safer and more reliable navigation experience than ever before. Advanced control: SSG Control Panels not only start the engine but also display crucial data such as revolutions, operating hours, and temperature. Enhanced safety: They incorporate new custom alarms for optimal safety and reliability without electronic failures. Innovative design: Thanks to their design without visible electronic boards, SSG Control Panels offer an elegant and minimalist look. Improved protection: With IP65 and anti-fog certification, these panels ensure optimal performance even in adverse conditions. Customization: The option to customize the color of the clocks allows you to adapt the panels to your aesthetic preferences and specific needs. The SSG Control Panel Range is designed for the entire line of Solé Marine Inboard Propulsion Engines, available in 12 or 24 volts. This ensures easy installation and reliable, precise navigation on any vessel. Get your SSG Control Panels today. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your navigation experience with Solé's SSG Control Panel Range. Discover how these compact and advanced panels can take your navigation to the next level.