Electronical kits for Marine Generators

A wide variety of optional kits is available to customize your generator set depending on your operating needs.
Tell us what you need, and we will develop it.

Amperometric transformers

Sensor of the alternating current supplied by AC alternator to consumers of the boat installation.

Current and therefore power readings for each line allow the correct functioning of the boat’s installation to be monitored and checked. It can be checked that all electrical equipment is working properly and equally distributed on each line. It is very important you follow the instructions given in the installation manual in order to avoid erratic readings.

Transformers must be fitted at the outlet of the alternator, on the power cables. If there is a canopy, they must be fitted after the circuit breaker. If needed, there is the option of ordering a box with the transformers located in it, for an easier installation.


Exhaust temperature alarm

All standard SCO 10 panels are provided with an activated alarm so you only will need to connect the alarm cable to the appropriate PIN. With this kit, you will receive the corresponding wiring for the panel and a contact sensor for the exhaust hose.


Emergency stop button

As it is called, with this kit you will be able to stop the genset performance in case of emergency. On most generators models, as many stop buttons as required may be installed. This kit consists of a switch which opens the circuit. It ceases to supply power to the stop solenoid.



It can be installed in the canopy as well as in IP65 box.



Fuel leak alarm

This kit is designed to detect high pressure fuel leaks, between the injection pump and injectors. It consists of double-walled pipes and a leak detector. It is provided with a detailed installation manual in order to facilitate the mounting process.



Anti-condensation Kit

The function of this new kit is to remove condensation from the alternator after a long period of inactivity, in order to avoid electrical problems caused by humidity, such as short circuits, at the time of switching on. This is to prevent serious damage to the winding of the alternators.

The new kit consists of a resistor and the corresponding wiring.