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We are manufacturers

One of our hallmarks is the marinization of our engines. More than 70 years of experience in marine component manufacturing speak for themselves. Hence, and thanks to the constant effort of our engineering team, our products meet the highest quality and performance standards.


Marine engines, marine generator sets and wide variety of marine accesories and spare parts

Solé Diesel marine engines are characterized by their durability, robustness and reliability. We work with industry leader suppliers such as Deutz, Kubota and Mitsubishi, with whom we maintain a 30 years business relationship.


Our range is designed for both leisure and commercial boats.

Besides, we produce a wide range of marine gensets for boats, known by its compact design and low noise performance. Solé Diesel marine gensets are adaptable to multiple settings and applications. They can be customized depending on the customer’s needs. Available also with synchronization system for parallel operation. 


Do not hesitate to consult the available models with Type Approval certification manufactured to work under the most demanding conditions.


But Solé Diesel is not just engines and marine gensets. We provide a wide range of accessories, from the engine to the propulsion line, which completes your equipment transforming it into a complete solution for your needs.


Service near you

Our distribution and service network offers a global coverage providing you support in response to an incident anywhere in the world. Thanks to our integrated logistics, we can supply the spare parts you need in a minimum time.

Consult your nearest dealer.


Innovation and systems

Our Engineering Department constantly works in the innovation of our products to adapt them to current market demands. We truly believe in listening to our customers providing them with reliable products, easy installation and maintenance, and also offering an efficient customer service.  

Because of this, we have adapted our production plant and our know-how over the years to achieve efficiency thanks to innovation and search of continuous improvement.

We are specialized in designing customized equipment and offering the best personal advice throughout the product lifetime.

Therefore, we do not offer only products. Solé Diesel is service and relief.