Repower with Solé: the boat rebirth

Welcome to the page dedicated to the repower with Solé Diesel, the meeting point where experience and innovation merge to offer you maximum peace of mind at sea.

On this page, you will dive into the fascinating world of replacing your boat's old engine with a new, efficient marine inboard engine.

Solé Warranty for Marine Engine and Generator
Solé Warranty for Marine Engine and Generator
Solé Warranty for Marine Engine and Generator

Renew it, the art of repowering

When it comes to ships, the boat motor is the heart that drives every adventure, and over time, even the most reliable boat engines may require refurbishment. At Solé, we deeply understand the importance of this process.

Remotorisation is not merely a replacement of components; it is an art that demands precision, knowledge, and passion. With over a century of experience in manufacturing marine diesel inboard engines, we have become experts in this field. Our commitment is to ensure that every boater unleashes the maximum potential from their boat, providing them with the best boating experience.

Our dedicated team of engineers and technical experts, working in collaboration with Solé's extensive network of distributors worldwide, closely analyze and comprehend the unique needs of your vessel. This allows us to offer customized solutions that consistently exceed your expectations.


Repair vs. Repower: how to know if it's time to replace your boat engine

The moment the ship engine starts to show signs of wear and low performance, the inevitable dilemma arises: should I continue with repairs or is it time to consider an exchange for a new engine? This crucial decision can significantly impact the life and performance of your vessel, and to make the best choice, it is important to stop and think about several key factors:


1- Assess the current state of the engine

The first step in determining whether it is preferable to repair or replace the marine engine is to carry out a thorough assessment of its current condition. Identifying any damage, worn components, or chronic problems will help to understand the extent of repairs needed and whether these solutions are feasible in the long term. This is an important point to consider if the engine consumes too much fuel.


2- Analyse the age of the engine and the cost of previous repairs

The age of the engine and previous repairs are also important factors. Repairs may be a reasonable option if your engine is relatively new and well-maintained. However, if the machine has a long service life and has required frequent repairs in the past, a repower may be a more suitable option to ensure better performance and reliability in the future.

3- Cost and efficiency analysis

It is essential to carry out a financial analysis to determine whether the investment in repairs is viable compared to the cost of repower. Repairs can often accumulate expenses, and in some cases, the total cost can approach that of a new engine. In these situations, opting for a new engine may be a wiser decision, as it will offer modern, more efficient, and reliable equipment at a more predictable long-term cost.


4- Assess current vs. desired performance and power output

Finally, consider the desired performance and your expectations for your vessel. If you want a significant improvement in power, efficiency, and reliability, a new engine will give you a noticeable leap in performance. In addition, if you aim to maintain your boat for many years, repowering can be a long-term investment that ensures the quality and value of the boat over time.

Advantages of marine repower

Changing your boat's engine can bring you the following benefits. Giving your boat a new lease of life has never been easier.

  • Increased power and performance
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Reliability and reduced maintenance
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Noise and vibration reduction
  • Revaluation of the vessel
  • Adaptation to new technologies
Solé Warranty for Marine Engine and Generator

Why repowering with Solé: Engines tailored to your dreams

At Solé we are specialists in marine engines for all types of boats and yachts and for both leisure and work applications. Since 1912 we have been marinizing them entirely in our factory in Barcelona. We customize them to measure, with various accessories that complete the entire propulsion line, from the engine to the propeller.

In addition to the marine engine, at Solé you will find everything you need to replace your boat's engine in the most complete way:

Cooling systems

Exhaust systems

Fuel systems

Customized shafts manufactured inhouse

- Wide range of fixed propellers, folding propellers, and feathering propellers

Couplings, clamps, stuffings, rope cutters, shaft brackets, engine control, anodes..


Maintenance packs

- Wide range of original consumables such as engine oil, coolants and filters.

And very importantly...we guarantee the supply of spare parts for your new engine for almost its entire service life.

Repower with the most facility

In addition, thanks to the special Solé customized special feet for the repower, you can easily fit the new Solé diesel engine on your engine bed. Discover the wide range of models with numerous sizes that will allow you to make the most of the space available without the need to adapt the bedplate, which will enable you to make significant savings.



If you are thinking of giving your boat a new lease of life and a new lease of life, don't hesitate to consider Solé and prepare to sail confidently toward a horizon of possibilities.

Contact your nearest Solé dealer and find out what we can do for you.

Solé Warranty for Marine Engine and Generator