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  • How can I find my nearest distributor?

You can find all Solé Diesel distributors and authorised services in the distributor map

  • Can I buy Solé Diesel products if there is no distributor in my country?

If we do not have any distributor in your country, you can email us at info@solediesel.com and we will provide an alternative. 

  • Can I come personally to Solé Diesel factory in order to buy some products?

No, in the interests of offering the best advice and a closer assistance, Solé Diesel bets on delegate the commercialisation of our products to our distributors. Therefore, we put at your disposal a wide distributor network who have extensive experience in the sector. You can consult your nearest distributor.

  • Who must do maintenance of my Solé Diesel engine?

The maintenance of Solé Diesel products must be done by an authorised service who is qualified and trained to perform required interventions. Besides, we recommend using Solé Diesel original spare parts which will extend the useful life of your equipment and obtain the peak performance.  Consult the distributor map.

  • Can I install myself a Solé Diesel engine?

We always recommend carrying out installations and commissioning by a Solé Diesel authorised distributor with the aim of avoiding possible incidents and maintain intact warranty terms and conditions.

  • Which warranty do Solé Diesel engines and marine gensets have?

Solé Diesel engines and marine generator sets have 2 years warranty. There is an additional extended 3 years warranty for some components, exclusively for leisure boats. Know every detail of Solé Diesel product warranty.

  • I have acquired a Solé Diesel second-hand engine, can I benefit from the warranty if it is still in force?

Yes, any limited warranty period which has not yet expired is transferable to the following owner.

  • Where can I find the manuals for my Solé Diesel engine or marine genset?

You can find all documentation related to the product in the “Download” section of every model, even for the discontinued models.

  • Do you supply spare parts for engines which are no longer available?

Yes, we guarantee spare parts for the majority of discontinued engines and marine generator sets, except for some older or lower production engines. If you need spare parts for your Solé Diesel engine, do not hesitate to contact your nearest Solé Diesel distributor.

  • How can I find the serial number of my Solé Diesel engine?

You can find the serial number in the engine plate, which is commonly placed in the upper part, near the cooler. If for any reason the plate has been lost or deteriorated, the serial number is also engraved in the base where the injection pump is fixed.

  • I need a certificate or duplicate for my engine, how can I obtain it?

Email us at info@solediesel.com and relevant indications will be given to obtain the documentation.

  • How can I know prices for Solé Diesel products?

To know the current prices, you can consult your nearest distributor who will provide the advice you may need.