Our commitment

We work to achieve the highest quality in both manufacturing processes and products. The most demanding certifiers support us.


Solé Diesel meets the strictest certifications of the worldwide sector that guarantees the achievement of the increasing challenges of quality, security, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility;  respecting the regulations and standards, reducing the risk, and improving the efficiency and the promotion of the sustainable development in the business activity performance.

We work with the main certification companies of the current scene:

  • Bureau Veritas
  • Solas
  • DNV 
  • Conformité européene
  • BKI Jakarta
  • RMRS - RRR

They guarantee our engines and processes:

  • 115GT marine genset DNV certification
  • 85GT marine genset DNV certification
  • MINI-33 engine Solas certification
  • MINI-62 engine Solas certification
  • MINI-44 engine BKI certification
  • MINI-74 engine BKI certification
  • 35GT/GTC marine genset RRR certification
  • 50GT marine genset RRR certification
  • Marine generator sets: 35 GT, 50 GT, 40 GTA, 60 GTA y 65 GT RMRS certification
  • Solé, S.A. certification ISO 9001:2015 (Quality management system certificate) by Bureau Veritas


Solé Diesel is committed to the navigation as an economic engine of our society.  We are part of the biggest national associations to promote the growth of the sector, to enhance high-quality job creation in our industry and to achieve a better legal, fiscal, labour, and administrative environment that favours the development of the activity.



Quality declaration

Quality is the fundamental pillar of the Solé Diesel mission statement, trying constantly to achieve the excellence.   Solé Diesel works permanently to obtain the best quality in all products and processes, and we are always oriented to satisfy our customers’ needs. Solé Diesel can ensure our business activity meets the highest quality standards. It does not only refer to the products, but the after sales service and all the internal processes of the company, which makes all the areas and departments a participant for the achievement of the premium quality.

This quality control is regulated by ISO,9001:2015 regulation, the Quality Control System certification from Bureau Veritas. Through this regulation, all quality control elements are developed with the aim of having an effective system to administrate and improve the product and services quality.  This implies the external evaluation by the independent company Bureau Veritas which certifies the fulfilment of the foregoing mentioned and concludes with the grant of the certificate.

Objectives and processes are also internally revised regularly in order to update them depending on the context and adapt them to the needs of each moment, constituting one of our labours of continuous improvement.