Dry Exhaust and Keel Cooling Systems

Learn about our dry exhaust systems and the engine option which are ready for keel cooling.

Dry Exhaust Kits

Solé Diesel standard engines include a wet exhaust system. This implies that the sea water from the cooling circuit is mixed with the exhaust gases.

The water injection point in the exhaust line is located on the exhaust elbow.

Nevertheless, we offer the possibility to install a dry exhaust system in which the sea water of the cooling circuit is not mixed with the exhaust gases. In this case, the exhaust line is totally independent. Since there is no water inside, the risk is prevented from getting it in the engine through the exhaust manifold.

When you request an engine with a dry exhaust system, we supply the engine without a wet exhaust elbow + one of the following available dry exhaust kits, the one you choose depending on your needs:

  • Dry exhaust outlet plate kit

Adaptation plate is included.

  • Flexible and dry exhaust kit

A flexible elbow and the previous plate kit are supplied.

  • Quiet and dry exhaust kit

The above flexible and dry exhaust kit is included along with a muffler.


Keel cooling kit

The standard engine has two cooling circuits:

  • Cooling circuit: cools the engine with sea water.
  • Sea water circuit: open circuit which draws water from the sea, it functions as a cooler and returns it to the sea. Cools the cooling circuit mentioned in the previous section.

It does not exist a sea water circuit in the keel cooling, thus, the cooling circuit is driven to an external cooler, usually in the hull, to cool directly from the water sea.

If you request a Solé Diesel engine prepared for a keel cooling, we will supply an engine with that function, with a dry exhaust plate and without a sea water cooling system circuit. However, Solé neither designs nor supplies, nor is responsible for the external installation system.