Rope cutter in metric system - Marine propellers and shafts accessories

Propulsion Accessories

Made in AISI-316L stainless steel.
Made in AISI-316L stainless steel. - Esquema

Made in AISI-316L stainless steel. We have several models by shaft diameter, ranging from 22 to 70 mm. This line cutter sections nylon ends, plastic mesh and flexible cable of up to 7 mm without interfering with the propeller, thus preventing more serious malfunctions. See notes for assembly. Use gloves, sharp edges.

Part Number Description Ø ShaftDCDC1A
40020022 Rope Cutter, Shaft Ø 20 20 MM80 MM53 MM17 MM
40022022 Rope Cutter, Shaft Ø 22 22 MM80 MM53 MM17 MM
40025022 Rope Cutter, Shaft Ø 25 25 MM80 MM53 MM17 MM
40030022 Rope Cutter, Shaft Ø 30 30 MM80 MM53 MM17 MM
40035022 Rope Cutter, Shaft Ø 35 35 MM100 MM72 MM17 MM
40040022 Rope Cutter, Shaft Ø 40 40 MM100 MM72 MM17 MM
40045022 Rope Cutter, Shaft Ø 45 45 MM120 MM92 MM17 MM
40050022 Rope Cutter, Shaft Ø 50 50 MM120 MM92 MM17 MM
40060022 Rope Cutter, Shaft Ø 60 60 MM150 MM110 MM30 MM
40070022 Rope Cutter,Shaft Ø 70 70 MM180 MM128 MM31,5 MM
40075022 Rope Cutter,Shaft Ø 75 75 MM200 MM128 MM32,5 MM
40080022 Rope Cutter,Shaft Ø 80 80 MM200 MM128 MM32,5 MM