Cooled rubber stuffing box in inches - Marine propeller shaft accesories

Propulsion Accessories

The rubber stuffing box has been proven effective at sealing stern tubes, offering effective functionality with quick and easy installation and without taking up any extra space. The only maintenance required is regular greasing. This model includes forced cooling.

Part Number Description ø SHAFTDA
40026131 Rubber Stuffing Box D.1" Sleeve D.43 1 IN43 MM
40032131 Rubber Stuffing Box D.1"1/4 Sleeve D.49 1,5 IN60 MM
40038131 Rubber Stuffing Box D.1"1/2 Sleeve D.60 1,25 IN49 MM
40044131 Rubber Stuffing Box D.1"3/4 Sleeve D.65 1,75 IN65 MM
40051131 Rubber Stuffing Box D.2" Sleeve D.70 2 IN70 MM