Metallic water aspiration system pack for Inboard Marine Engine

Water Aspiration Systems

The metallic water filter kit includes the metallic cooling water filter strainer built in on brass, the sea water cock and the brackets for connection of the parts. The kit is highly recommended for all kind of installations, but specially for commercial boats applications, as the metallic water filter is homologated by RINA. The transparent cover allows easy inspection of the filter without dismantling. Cleaning of the filter can be achieved quickly and easily. It suits all size of boats. Hose not included.

Part Number Description Diameter
60101101 Water Inlet Pack D.45 Metallic Filter 45 MM
60139101 Water Inlet Pack D.20 Metallic Filter 20 MM
60141001 Water Inlet Pack D.25 Metallic Filter 25 MM
60171101 Water Inlet Pack D.32 Metallic Filter 32 MM
60177101 Water Inlet Pack D.27 Metallic Filter 27 MM
60194101 Water Inlet Pack D.42 Metallic Filter 42 MM
601B0101 Water Inlet Pack D.12 Metallic Filter 12 MM
601D0101 Water Inlet Pack D.16 Metallic Filter 16 MM