Equipping a semi-submarine with engine and genset

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Boat type Displacement
Model Bon Sea
Length 0
Displacement 0
Application Tourist service
Equipment installed SK-60 engine and 4 GSCH genset
Other equipment installed
Service Gombert technical services

This time we bring a different project, the equipment of a tourist semi-submarine made by our distributor Gombert technical services.

The boat belongs to the company Bon-Sea, and is a tourist attraction that allows its passengers to contemplate the waters of the Caribbean and its marine fauna, both on the surface and submerged.

The semi-submarine is powered by the Solé SK-60 marine engine. On the other hand, the 4 GSCH genset has been chosen to supply the electricity.

The Solé SK-60 engine is mounted on a 4-cylinder Kubota base engine with a power output of 53.9 hp at 2700 rpm and 2434 cc. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design that guarantees high performance and durability, it is the ideal inboard engine for boats with limited space and power requirements. In addition, it has a turbo aspiration system that reduces consumption and emissions, thus complying with RCD II regulations.

As for the equipped marine generator, it is the Solé 4 GSCH, a 3 KW - 3KVA electric generator working at 3000 rpm. Like the engine that accompanies it, this unit is small in size and has the necessary power to meet the electrical needs of this boat. It provides comfort and safety thanks to the fact that it is silent and does not generate vibrations. It is undoubtedly the ideal marine solution for small boats with basic electrical needs.


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