Shypon breaker pack for Marine Engines

Marine Accessory Packs

This kit must be installed in order to prevent the syphoning effect from damaging the engine. This means that if the engine is under the waterline, it is exposed to water entering into the exhaust system and subsequently into the engine itself. To prevent this from happening, the syphon breaker kit will have to be installed above the waterline, letting air enter the hose and liberating the engine fromthe syphon effect.1 meter hose included. Also includes 5 meters of small diameter hose to connect to the siphon breaker valve.

Part Number Description DiameterCanopy
60730015 Syphon Breaker Pack D.19 (C) 19 MMYes
60730016 Syphon Breaker Pack D.32 (C) 32 MMYes
60730018 Syphon Breaker Pack D.19 (S) 19 MMNo
60730019 Syphon Breaker Pack D.27 (S) 27 MMNo
60730021 Syphon Breaker Pack D.12 (C) 12 MMYes
60730022 Syphon Breaker Pack D.32 (S) 32 MMNo
60730030 Syphon Breaker Pack D.16 (C) 16 MMYes