Maintenance pack 1600 h Solé Diesel for marine engines and marine generators

Maintenance Packs

The 1600h kit is an accessory pack that includes all the necessary elements to make the 1600 hours maintenance of marine engines and generators. Some of the elements are oil filters,fuel filters, washers, air filters, belts and gaskets.

Part Number Description
13840104 Maint. Pack MINI-17v6 1600 Hours
13840104G Maint. Pack L500 (Until 9/14)/600/700 1600 Hours
13940104G Maint. Pack MINI-26 1600 Hours Genset
17140112 Maint. Pack MINI-62 1600 Hours
17140112G Maint.Pack MINI-63 1600 Hours Genset
17140116 Maint. Pack MINI-63 Group 1600 Hours TAC
17240103G Maint.Pack MINI-33 1600 Hours Genset
17240105 Maint. Pack MINI-33v6 1600 Hours
17240113 Maint. Pack MINI-33 Group 1600 Hours TAC
17340104G Maint.Pack MINI-44 1600 Hours Genset
17340106 Maint. Pack MINI-44v6 1600 Hours
17340112 Maint. Pack MINI-44 Group 1600 Hours TAC
17440102 Maint. Pack MINI-74 1600 Hours
17440102G Maint.Pack MINI-74 1600 Hours Genset
17440114 Maint. Pack MINI-74 Group 1600 Hours TAC
17540104G Maint.Pack SM-105 1600 Hours Genset
17540105 Maint. Pack SM-103 1600 Hours
17540114 Maint. Pack SM-105 Group 1600 Hours TAC
17640102 Maint. Pack MINI-29v6 1600 Hours
17740102 Maint. Pack MINI-55v6 1600 Hours
17840100 Maint. Pack SM-82 1600 Hours
17940100 Maint. Pack SM-94 1600 Hours
17A40113 Maint. Pack SM-81 Group 1600 Hours TAC
17A41600 Maint. Pack SM-81 1600 Hours Genset
17B40113 Maint. Pack SM-56 Group 1600 Hours TAC
17B41600 Maint. Pack SM-56 1600 Hours Genset
19440106 Maint. Pack SDZ-165 1600 Hours
19440108G Maint. Pack SDZ-109 1600 Hours Genset
19440118 Maint. Pack SDZ-109E Group 1600 Hours TAC
19440123 Maint. Pack SDZ-165E Group 1600 Hours TAC
19540105 Maint. Pack SDZ-205/280 1600 Hours
19540109G Maint. Pack SDZ-165 1600 Hours Genset
19640101 Maint. Pack SDZ-280 1600 Hours
19640101G Maint. Pack SDZ-190E 1600 Hours Genset
1A040100 Maint. Kit SK-60 1600 Hours
GD040101 Maint. Pack 4 GSCH V3 1600 Hours