Maintenance pack 50 h Solé Diesel for marine engines and marine generators

Maintenance Packs

The 50-hour pack includes an oil filter, a diesel filter and an impeller pack (impeller and gasket) with a toolbox. It is an essential pack to have on board before any journey since it enables us to carry out basic engine maintenance. Available for all marine engine ranges.

Part Number Description
13840110 MINI-17/29/33/44 50 Hours Pack Engine & Genset
17140110 MINI-62 50 Hours Pack
17140110G MINI-63 50 Hours Pack Genset
17140114 Pack 50 Hours MINI-63 Group TAC
17240111 Pack 50 Hours MINI-33 Group TAC
17340110 Pack 50 Hours MINI-44 Group TAC
17440110 MINI-74 50 Hours Pack Engine & Genset
17440112 Pack 50 Hours MINI-74 Group TAC
17540110 SM-105/103 50 Hours Pack Engine & Genset
17540112 Pack 50 Hours SM-105 Group TAC
17740110 MINI-55 50 Hours Pack
17840112 SM-82/94 50 Hours Pack
17A40111 Pack 50 Hours SM-81 Group TAC
17A40200 SM-81 50 Hours Pack Genset
17B40110 SM-56 50 Hours Pack
17B40111 Pack 50 Hours MINI-56 Group TAC
19440110 SDZ-165/205/280 and SDZ-109/165/280/190E Genset 50 Hours Pack
19440116 Pack 50 Hours SDZ-109E Group TAC
19440121 Pack 50 Hours SDZ-165E Group TAC
1A040112 SK-60 50 Hours Pack
GD040100 4 GSCH V3 50 Hours Pack