Professional waterlock pack I-Str O-Inc for Inboard Marine Engine

Water Exhaust Systems

Waterlock whose installation in the exhaust system is necessary in order to avoid water ingestion and possible flooding of your marine engine or generator. Therefore, the elements included in this pack are essential for the correct operation of the generator set. This pack includes the professional metallic water collector, clamps and exhaust outlet with non-return valve. On the other hand, do not forget to also add to your order the rest of the components that will allow you to obtain the best performance, such as the gooseneck or the siphon breaker. (Both sold separately)

Part Number Description DiameterCapacity
60701040 Prof.Waterlock Pack D.40 I-Str,O-Inc 40 MM4 L
60703040 Prof.Waterlock Pack D.50-200 I-Str,O-Inc 50 MM4 L
60704040 Prof.Waterlock Pack D.50-300 I-Str,O-Inc 50 MM6 L
60708040 Prof.Waterlock Pack D.75-400 I-Str,O-Inc 75 MM8 L
60712040 Prof.Waterlock Pack D.125 I-Str,O-Inc 125 MM28 L
60712041 Prof.Waterlock Pack D.90 I-Str, D. 127 O-Inc 90-127 MM28 L
60714040 Prof.Waterlock Pack D.90 I-Str,O-Inc 90 MM15 L
60715040 Prof.Waterlock Pack D.45-200 I-Str,O-Inc 45 MM4 L
60717040 Prof.Waterlock Pack D.100 I-Str,O-Inc 100 MM17 L
60719040 Prof.Waterlock Pack D.60 I-Str,O-Inc 60 MM6 L
60724040 Prof.Waterlock Pack D.45-300 I-Str,O-Inc 45 MM6 L
60726040 Prof.Waterlock Pack D.50-400 I-Str,O-Inc 50 MM8 L
60727040 Prof.Waterlock Pack D.75-500 I-Str,O-Inc 75 MM10 L