Water aspiration pack for Inboard Marine Engine

Marine Accessory Packs

These kits come with three pieces. The filter prevents pump and heat exchangers from becoming blocked. The transparent plastic cover facilitates service and washing of the element. The sea water cock consists of a water intake with filter screen and hull transom. Thebrackets are used for connection of the parts. Hose not included.

Part Number Description Diameter
60110100 Water Inlet Pack D.45 45 MM
60139100 Water Inlet Pack D.20 20 MM
60141002 Water Inlet Pack D.25 25 MM
60171100 Water Inlet Pack D.32 32 MM
60194100 Water Inlet Pack D.42 42 MM
601B0100 Water Inlet Pack D.12 12 MM
601D0100 Water Inlet Pack D.16 16 MM