Goose neck for Boat Motor

Water Exhaust Systems

One of the key accessories in the marine engine exhaust system is the gooseneck. The gooseneck is a plastic conduit with a shape similar to a long neck with bends in the shape of an elbow (hence its name) that stops the entry of water and therefore prevents salt water from entering the engine, protecting it from a possible flood. It is an essential accessory in installations where the boat motor is below the waterline, although it is also recommended in cases where the motor is an above-said line. To complete your exhaust system and guarantee the correct operation of your boat engine to the maximum, avoiding unforeseen events, do not forget the siphon breaker, the exhaust waterlock or the water/gas separator.

Part Number Description TypeDDDELAH
60700241 Goose Neck 40-45-50 1 40 - 45 - 50 MM50 MM110 MM110 MM480 MM
60700260 Goose Neck LT-60 2 60 MM60 MM182 MM135 MM502 MM