Mechanical gearbox ZF 68 IV for marine engine

Saildrive and gearboxes

The ZF 68 IV marine transmission is equipped with hydraulically actuated multi-plate clutches and is manufactured in a corrosion-resistant aluminium allow, making the assembly very lightweight. Additionally, its ground gears give it smoother operation. It
Engine Manufacturer Type Output º Red.
MINI-74 ZF Hydraulic 12 1.29:1
SDZ-165 ZF Hydraulic 12 1.56:1
SK-60 ZF Hydraulic 12 1.56:1
SM-103 ZF Hydraulic 12 2.00:1-2.00:1
SM-82 ZF Hydraulic 12 1.29:1
SM-94 ZF Hydraulic 12 1.29:1

All reductions are available on 45 mm and 75 mm shaft (L).