Boiler kit for marine engines.

Designed to divert hot coolant from the engine in order to take advantage of that heat. This kit is easy to assemble as it consists of two fittings that are mounted on the cooling system.

Part Number Description
13411150 Kit Heater MINI-23 and 34
13811150 Kit Heater MINI-11,17 and 26
13811157 Boiler Kit (S)
13811157R Boiler Kit
13811158 Boiler Kit (S)
16511150 Kit Heater HS-150
16611150 Kit Heater HS-121
17011150 Kit Heater MINI-48
17111155 Kit
17111156 Boiler Kit (S)
17111160 Earth Isolated Boiler Kit (S)
17211150 Boiler Kit (S)
17611150 Boiler Kit (C)
18011150 Kit Heater SM-75 and 90
18011151 Kit Heater SM-75 and 90
18511150 Kit Heater
18611150 Boiler ADAPTATION Kit SV-220
18711150 Boiler Kit
19011150 Kit Heater SFN-100/130
19011151 Kit Heater SFN-100/130
19111150 Kit Heater SFN-160/210
19411150 Boiler Kit (S)
1A011150 Boiler Kit (S)
1A011151 Boiler Kit EartIsolated (S)
60571090 Boiler Kit (C)
60574090 Boiler Kit (C)