Solé Diesel MINI-44 Boat Engine

Engines MINI-44 4 cylinders in line 42 HP (30,9 kW) 3000 RPM

The MINI-44 is the emblematic engine for sailboats between 10 and 12 meters. Is the first 4 cylinders engine from the MINI range. It is a 1.758 cc engine with mechanical injection which performs 42 hp at 3.000 rpm, it is assembled on Mitsubishi block. The heat exchange has not leaking as is made a single piece and the raw water pump supplies the necessary water flow for the engine refrigeration as it has been oversized. The MINI-44 can be also a very suitable engine for small fishing boats. There are a lot of customizations available as adaptation kits to different transmissions and sail drives from other manufacturers. It meets the RCD II and BSO II.
Base engine manufacturer Mitsubishi
Intermittent power 42 HP - 30,9 KW
Max RPM 3000 RPM
Number of strokes 4
Number of cylinders 4
Layout of cylinders in line
Cylinder diameter 78 MM
Cylinder stroke 92 MM
Total displacement 1758 CC
Intake system Naturally aspirated
Standard voltage 12 V
Certifications and emissions EU: RCD II (DIR. 2013/53/EU), BSO II