Repowering vessel Saga 27 with a Solé MINI-44 engine

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Boat type Displacement
Model Saga 27
Length 8
Displacement 2
Application Recreational
Replaced Volvo Penta MD17C
Equipment installed MINI-44
Other equipment installed

17" x 16" Right direction of rotation

Service Tempo Badudstyr

Inboard diesel engines for boats,

The MINI-44 has been installed to replace an old Volvo 3-cylinder MD17C. The previous engine had worked for many years and the replacement was done to gain reliability and security. With the new MINI-44 the power increases about 7 horsepower and the displacement was reduced 100 kg. In the shaft line it has installed a Centalflex type flexible coupling to smooth the propulsion line performance.

The Saga 27 is a Norwegian ship designed to be comfortable and safe and it is sheltered from splashing, waves and wind; Saga Shipyard built this ship in two different configurations: motorboat and motorsailer. These boats have resisted well over the years and there are many of them in perfect conditions as this one, especially in the north of Europe. The hull has a full keel.

The installation was done through Tempo Bådudstyr in Denmark.

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