Solé Diesel generator set 14 GS/GSC PARALLEL for boats

Marine generators 14 GS/GSC PARALLEL 13,9 kVA 1500 RPM

14 GS/GSC is a marine generator assembled on a 4-cylinder MITSUBISHI engine block developing a single-phase power output of 13.9 kW-13.9 kVA at 1500 RPM and 50 Hz. It is the ideal generator set for recreational crafts with higher electrical demand. Its housing version offers more comfort in navigation, making it calmer and quieter. Available with soundproof housing for more comfortable navigation and a wide range of customization kits. Set to work in parallel. Synchronized to run two or more generators together, allowing large quantities of power to be supplied to the same grid, achieving high reliability performance with efficiency and less consumption.
KVA 13,9 KVA
Max RPM 1500 RPM
Frequency 50 HZ
Phases Single-Phase
Total lenght with canopy 1181 MM
Total width with canopy 580 MM
Total height with canopy 668 MM
Total lenght without canopy 1036 MM
Total width without canopy 580 MM
Total height without canopy 612 MM
Maximum active power 13,9 KW