Solé Diesel generator set 84 GTA/GTAC PARALLEL for boats

Marine generators 84 GTA/GTAC PARALLEL 83,6 kVA 1800 RPM

84 GTA/GTAC marine generator set is the twin brother of 60 GTA/GTAC and meets the needs of the most demanding. The turbocharged 6-cylinder engine block allows to develop more power easily in a very compact size. It is the perfect ally of commercial vessels that require a continuous service genset. It is mounted on a turbocharged Mitsubishi engine block and develops a power of 66,9 kW - 83,6 kVA at 1800 rpm and 60 Hz. It is also available with soundproof housing for quieter navigation and kits to meet the needs of the most demanding. It is set to work in parallel and can run two or more generators together, allowing large quantities of power to be supplied to the same grid, achieving high reliability performance with efficiency and less consumption.
KVA 83,6 KVA
Max RPM 1800 RPM
Frequency 60 HZ
Phases Three-Phase
Total lenght with canopy 1903 MM
Total width with canopy 840 MM
Total height with canopy 848 MM
Total lenght without canopy 1682 MM
Total width without canopy 700 MM
Total height without canopy 800 MM
Maximum active power 66,9 KW