Installation of the MINI-55 engine in the Norfeu 30 llaüt

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Boat type Llaüt
Model Norfeu 30
Length 6
Displacement 0
Application Pleasure boat
Equipment installed MINI-55
Other equipment installed
Service Construcciones navales Norfeu

Your pleasure boat always ready for use. Replace your boat's engine with Solé Diesel, manufacturers of marine engines since 1912. Find out what we can do for you.

Take a look at another magnificent installation carried out in Girona, by Construcciones Navales Norfeu.

On this occasion, a diesel engine needed to be installed on "La Barqueta", a beautiful new 6-metre-long Norfeu 30 model llaüt. This boat is equipped with everything you could need, and is perfect for a day of sun and relaxation with family or friends.

The chosen engine was the Solé MINI-55, twin brother of the MINI-44, with the difference being that it’s turbocharged, giving it a higher power output, 52 hp in this case. It is manufactured with a Mitsubishi engine block and exclusive marinization by Solé, designed and manufactured entirely at our Barcelona plant. Its compact size makes it the ideal engine for small boats that require power and efficiency in a limited space.

If you are considering changing the engine on your boat, check out the Solé re-motorisation options, with a wide variety of customised brackets to make the process easier, avoiding extra costs for engine bed modification.

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