Rubber stuffing box in metric system for Marine Engines

Stuffing box

The rubber stuffing box for stern tube is easy to install, quick, and low maintenance. It is a proven effective product that ensures an efficient hermetic seal of the stern tube. Available for shaft diameters between 25 and 50 mm.

Part Number Description Ø ShaftDA
40025130 Rubber Stuffing Box D.25 Sleeve D.43 25 MM43 MM
40030130 Rubber Stuffing Box D.30 Sleeve D.49 30 MM49 MM
40035130 Rubber Stuffing Box D.35 Sleeve D.55 35 MM55 MM
40040130 Rubber Stuffing Box D.40 Sleeve D.60 40 MM60 MM
40045130 Rubber Stuffing Box D.45 Sleeve D.65 45 MM65 MM
40050130 Rubber Stuffing Box D.50 Sleeve D.70 50 MM70 MM