New Solé Diesel distributors

Our company's goal has always been to offer reliable and durable boat engines, boat generator sets for all types of boats that are capable of delivering optimal performance, and a wide range of accessories with diverse features, dimensions, and applications, both professional and recreational.

We also strive to offer a close, reliable and accessible service for Solé users anywhere in the world. And precisely to achieve this goal, we have been working over the last few months on searching for new business opportunities, both in markets where we were already present and in new countries where we had not had the opportunity to establish a presence.

Proof of this is the new agreements we have reached with sector companies in different countries, which will undoubtedly consolidate the Solé Diesel distribution network and mark a before and after in Solé's global service.

Today, therefore, we write this article with great satisfaction for the work done and with great enthusiasm for these new projects, with the security and full confidence that Solé's distribution network and workshops rely on magnificent professionals, fully qualified to deliver any work relating to maintenance, technical assistance, and advice.


If you wish to find out more about the latest additions to the Solé Diesel universe and how they can help you, read on.


New Solé Diesel distributor in Italy

After decades of collaboration with the previous distributor in Italy, whom we thank for their work and dedication during all these years, this year we have made a 180º turn in strategy in this country.

The new Solé Diesel distribution and repair service in Italy is now Naval Motor Botti, a leading company in selling major brands in the sector. The company's long history has allowed them to position itself as one of the trusted partners for the maintenance of marine equipment, both engines and generator sets.

During the negotiations, our colleague from the Export Department, Jaume Colillas, visited the Naval Motor Botti facilities, where he was able to learn first-hand about the daily activity and know-how of the Italian company. In addition to appreciating the great work performed by the entire Naval Motor Botti team, we could also feel the hospitality and dedication they put into everything they do, so there is no doubt that current and future Solé users in Italy are in good hands.

We would like to thank Emanuela, Rachel, Massimo, Chiara and the rest of the Naval Motor Botti team for opening the doors of their home to us and for trusting Solé.



New Solé Diesel distributor in Dubai

Another key location where Solé Diesel was not previously present was Dubai.

Given its location in the Persian Gulf and its growing tourist demand, Dubai is one of the most visited destinations, where wonderful yachts and various pleasure boats can be seen.

For this reason, the collaboration with the new distributor, Brook Marine, aims to offer a local, close, and top-quality service, and to cover all this demand adequately.

Brook Marine's team is composed of qualified professionals and technicians who have extensive experience in engine intervention, repair, and maintenance for boats of all types and generator sets for the marine industry.

In addition, they also offer consulting and installation services for electrical components and air conditioning. Due to this, Brook Marine is a reliable supplier that offers complete solutions for both recreational and commercial vessels.

Thanks to them, if you are in Dubai or if you are planning to travel on holiday, you can enjoy total peace of mind, as you can count on an authorized professional team to repair your Solé Diesel engine or generator. The team will be able to provide service or supply you with any spare parts within a short period of time.

It only remains for us to thank the entire Brook Marine team for their confidence in Solé and to wish them a season full of interesting projects.


Mr. Jayan Thavara, a member of the engineering team at Brook Marine, visiting Solé. With him, Solé staff, from left to right, Álex Vicente (Export), Elies Mallen (Service), and Roger Martín (Service)


New Solé Diesel distributor in Martinique – French Antilles

Solé Diesel's distribution network expands with this new addition, which is undoubtedly a key location given its importance in recreational boating.

On the island of Martinique, we now have a point of sale and workshop run by Lucas Marine Service, a business led by Lucas Petetin.

Lucas is an excellent professional expert in nautical mechanics and maintenance who, after working in various workshops on the island, decided to start out independently and create his own company, to dedicate himself to his great passion: repairing marine engines.

In addition to the distribution and repair service for Solé engines in the area, Lucas Marine Service also offers used boats for sale in Martinique.

Thanks to this new agreement with Lucas Marine Service, Solé Diesel is now present in the Caribbean, specifically in the French Antilles, with the aim of offering a sales and repair service with maximum guarantees to Solé users and sailors in the area.



Marieli Solé, CEO of the company, adds: 

“"This expansion strategy aims to bring us closer to the goal of offering service anywhere in the world, to be able to serve any Solé Diesel user, offering technical assistance and supply of spare parts in the shortest waiting time possible.  

Undoubtedly, having a network of qualified professionals spread throughout the world allows us to be present in different markets, so these new collaboration agreements in Italy, Dubai, and Martinique strengthen the Solé Diesel network, and they provide incalculable professional value.

I take this opportunity to thank the dedication and commitment of the distributors who have been part of this solid network for years since without them the expansion and positioning of Solé would not have been possible.

Finally, it should be noted that today we continue to work on the search for new collaborators who wish to join the Solé universe, highlighting above all projects in various countries in Africa and South America, where we hope to increase our presence in the short term.“


Who to contact if you wish to purchase a Solé boat engine or marine generator, or if you need advice and technical assistance

All these new agreements aim to achieve greater coverage, to offer service anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the network of Solé Diesel distributors, we can be closer and closer to you, so that when you need us to work on your engine or generator, you can easily find us.

If you need intervention by a Solé Diesel authorized point of sale or workshop, please refer to our distributor map. If you prefer, you can write to us through the contact form, requesting information and indicating your location, as well as explaining your needs. We will then refer you to your nearest distributor and provide you with the information you require.

When it comes to maintenance and assistance for your boat's engine, don't question it: trust only authorized professionals. They are the only people who can guarantee an optimal intervention and long service life of the equipment.


And, if you are a business in the sector, interested in being part of the worldwide distribution network of Solé Diesel, send us your proposal. We will be delighted to receive you.