Islander classic sailboat repowered with Solé SN-110 engine

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Boat type Sailing boat
Model Islander Ketch Marconi
Length 17
Displacement 0
Application Historical, recreational
Replaced Remotorization
Equipment installed SN-110
Other equipment installed
Service G. L W & C

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This classic Islander sailing yacht has been repowered with a Solé SN-110 diesel engine.

The historic vessel is constructed from Burmese teak wood, air-dried by a natural process for eight years before being used for the construction of the boat.

The SN-110 model is based on a NISSAN 4-cylinder, 3153 cc engine, and operates at a power output of 101 hp at 3600rpm. It is a compact, powerful and easy to maintain marine engine, intended for sport and recreational use. It is designed for sailboats from 12 to 20 metres with limited space in the engine compartment.

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