Hydraulic gearbox Technodrive TM-1200A for marine engine

Saildrive and gearboxes

Engine Manufacturer Type Down angle Red.
SDZ-205 Technodrive Hydraulic 7 2.30:1
SDZ-280 Technodrive Hydraulic 7 2.30:1
Oil type SAE 15W40
Oil capacity 6,5 L
Max. operating º 15 º
Down angle 7 º
Weight 115 Kg
Gearbox type Hydraulic
Max. Temp 95 ºC

Reduction ratios

Forward Reverse
1.44:1 1.44:1
2.00:1 2.00:1
2.30:1 2.30:1

All reductions are available on 45 mm and 75 mm shaft (L).

Compatible accessory

Electric control valve 12 V

SAE 2 housing TM-1200A

Flexible coupling Vulkan 2K 341 11" 1/2

SAE 1 housing TM-1200A

Electric control valve 12 V TM-1200A

Flexible coupling Centa CF-R 138 14"

Electric control valve 24 V TM-1200A

Flexible coupling CFR 136 11" 1/2

SAE A power take off 2 bolts 9T TM-1200A

SAE 3 housing TM-1200A

SAE B power take off 2 bolts 13T TM-1200A

Heat exchanger kit

Gearbox support TM-1200A

Trolling valve kit TM-1200A

Power take off TM-1200A

15W40 Sole Diesel Oil 5L

Gearbox cable bracket pack

Compatible engines