25 GTC marine generator installation in the Princess Sara

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Boat type Yacht
Model Princess Sara
Length 40
Displacement 0
Application Touristic, vacation
Equipment installed 25 GTC
Other equipment installed

Earth isolated installation, IP65 box

Service Dblue

High performance marine generator sets. Available with DNV Type Approval certification. No-obligation consultation.                                

Dblue, our official distributor in Maldives, has carried out this project installing a Solé Diesel 25 GTC generator set. This yacht is intended for diving cruises and offers a variety of itineraries around the islands. The 25 GTC is a compact marine generator offering continuous power supply. It is perfect for these types of yachts that require constant energy for their multiple applications. Having a Solé Diesel generator on board is synonymous with confidence and durability. In addition, our global service provides constant coverage. In this case, our engineering team travelled on board to assist in commissioning the generator and ensure the operation.

Solé Diesel Distributor

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