54 GTA genset installation in NOHU-CRIOBE scientist boat

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Boat type Displacement
Length 14
Displacement 0
Application Use as a scientific site.
Replaced New installation
Equipment installed 54 GTA
Other equipment installed
Service Teanuanua Imports

Manufacture of generator sets customized for different applications. See all our possibilities. In this case, our distributor in French Polynesia, Teanuanua, has been in charge of supplying and installing the 54 GTA marine generator set on this boat specially designed as a scientific site and inaugurated in March 2021. It can host up to 10 researchers and scientists interested in studying the area's ecosystem.

This boat has 4 feet that allow you to raise the hull 40 cm above the water, so they can work in a dry, level environment. Thanks to this laboratory boat, scientists can move around the islands and settle in a specific place to study and observe the species if necessary. It is certainly a global innovation that will be a major enabler in the study of corals and other marine fauna. The 54 GTA generator is ideal for commercial vessels which require a high power supply but have limited space. It is compact and easy to maintain.

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