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Flexible Couplings

Flexible couplings repair kits are the necessary elements to make the maintenance and increase the flexible couplings service life of the marine engines. The kits contain the original rubbers that give the system flexibility, preventing the wearof the coupling.

Part Number Description
10410071 Kit Rubber
16510170.1 Kit Rubber 1º
16510170.2 Kit Rubber 2º
16710170.1 Kit Rubber 1º
16710170.2 Kit Rubber 2º
17110071.1 Kit Rubber 1ST
17110071.2 Kit Rubber 2nd
17210071.1 INTERNAL RubberS Kit
17210071.2 EXTERNAL RubberS Kit
18010170.1 Kit Rubber 1º
18010170.2 Kit Rubber 2º
18310173 Standard Rollers Set
18310174 HD Rubber Rollers Set
19410070.1 Kit Rubber