Metallic syphon breaker - Exhaust accessories for marine engines

When the injection point of the cooling water inside the exhaust system is located under 15 meters above the waterline, there could be risk that if the engine is stopped, cooling water could enter the engine due to the siphoning effect. This problem can be solved by installing an air vent in the cooling waterduct,about 40cm above the waterline (max. height 2 meters). The air vent is connected by means of tube and hull transom (always mounted above the waterline). To ventoutside. The air vent comes without hoses.

Part Number Description DAHLDD
60730011 Metallic Air Vent 38 mm 38 MM240 MM178 MM8 MM
60730014 Metallic Air Vent 42 mm 42 MM220 MM178 MM8 MM
60730026 Metallic Air Vent 45 mm 45 MM240 MM178 MM8 MM
60730027 Metallic Air Vent 40 mm 40 MM240 MM178 MM8 MM
60730029 Metallic Air Vent 25 mm 25 MM236 MM178 MM8 MM
60730031 Metallic Air Vent 27 mm 27 MM239 MM178 MM8 MM
60730033 Metallic Air Vent 30 mm 30 MM236 MM178 MM8 MM
60730035 Metallic Air Vent 32 mm 32 MM239 MM178 MM8 MM
60730037 Metallic Air Vent 35 mm 35 MM239 MM178 MM8 MM
60730039 Metallic Air Vent 20 mm 20 MM204 MM138 MM8 MM
60730041 Metallic Air Vent 22 mm 22 MM206 MM138 MM8 MM
60730042 Metallic Air Vent 12 mm 12 MM194 MM138 MM8 MM