Remotorisation voilier avec moteur Solé MINI-33

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Type de bateau Voilier
Modèle Sailboat
Longueur 9
Déplacement 9
Application Récréatif
Remplacé Volvo Penta 2002
Équipe installée MINI-33
Autres installées

3 Pales, 15" x 11" arbre de Ø 25 mm. Sens de rotation droit

Service SMJJ Náutica

Moteurs diesel in bord pour bateaux. Profitez de la navigation avec Solé.


Sailboat of 9.50 meters, where it has been replaced the old engine by a new Solé MINI-33 engine with Inv.TMC-40 (2: 1). After conducting the propulsive study by our propeller department, a propulsion line was defined for developing a power of 31hp. It has been set up a rubber stuffing box (with forced sea water cooling) for a shaft of ø 25 with a propeller of 3 blades, diameter 15"" and pitch of 11"".

Estimation maximum speed 6.5Kn @ 3000rpm
Estimation cruise speed 5.4Kn @ 2400rpm

This inboard marine engine based on a Mitsubishi block of 3 cylinders - 31 hp (23.1 kW) at 3000 rpm and 1318cc, with mechanical injection and natural aspiration, offers great durability and low consumption. Very suitable for sailboats.

This project has been carried out by our official Solé service for the Segur de Calafell area (Catalonia - Spain), who have carried out an excellent quality work and applied all the know-how that they have been acquiring since ther beginings.

Contact details:
Servicio Oficial Solé: SMJJ Náutica.
facebook: SMJJ Náutica