Installation du moteur MINI-55 dans le bateau Survey Boat 750S

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Type de bateau Semi-Déplacement
Modèle Survey Boat 750S
Longueur 7
Déplacement 4
Application Service portuaire
Remplacé Nouvelle installation
Équipe installée MINI-55
Autres installées

16" x 14" arbre de Ø 30 mm.

Service Aurora Yachts Dalia

Moteurs in bord diesel pour bateaux professionnels. Voir la gamme complète,

A couple of our engines MINI-55 have been installed in a aluminium survey boat. The ship construction was done by the Shipyard Aurora Yachts. This company is located in Dalia (China) and it is specialized in aluminium ships. This ship has the particularity of its propeller, which is housed in a semi-tunnel, thanks to this configuration, the propulsion line will be under protection against rocks, sand or possible crashes.

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