Moteur SM-103 installé dans le bateau El Majara

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Type de bateau Semi-Déplacement
Modèle El Majara
Longueur 8
Déplacement 5
Application Pêche à la trémail
Remplacé Nouvelle installation
Équipe installée SM-103
Autres installées

19" x 17"

Service Talleres hermanos Fornell

Large gamme de moteurs in bord diesel pour bateaux de pêche,

This is an installation of a Mitsubishi based engine SM-103, gearbox TM-93 reduction ratio 2:1 and 4 bladed propeller 19"" x 17"". All the hydraulic and electronic devices as well as the propulsion was installed by Talleres Hermanos Fornell in Chiclana, Cadiz.

The boat was designed to work with trammel nets, in order to move fishing winch, the boat has an hydraulic pump connected to the engine by a kit of power take-off (PTO).

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