X-342 Sailboat repowering with MINI-29 engine

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Boat type Sailing boat
Model X-342
Length 10
Displacement 6
Application Sports Navigation
Replaced Volvo Penta 2002
Equipment installed MINI-29
Other equipment installed
Service Diesel Power

This time, Diesel Power was in charge of the repowering of this X-342 sports sailboat and for this purpose, they decided to use the MINI-29 Solé inboard marine engine.

The MINI-29 is mounted on a Mitsubishi 3 cylinder mechanical injection engine block with an output of 27 hp at 3600 rpm and 952 cc. Its ultra-compact size and design and ease of maintenance were the key factors in the decision to use this engine for the boat. In addition, a wide range of kits are available to facilitate repoering, adapting it to the size of the old engine, and customisations such as: relocation of filters, bow-mounted saltwater pump, dry exhaust, etc.

To minimise the risk of leaks, all Solé engines are manufactured with a single piece heat exchanger without welding.


Inboard diesel engines for sport sailing boats,