Traditional llaüt repowering with MINI-44 engine

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Boat type Llaüt
Model Xica III
Length 5
Displacement 2
Application Light duty
Replaced Perkins 4108
Equipment installed MINI-44
Other equipment installed

Full propulsive line

Service Náutica Latitud 42 Nord

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Repowering of a 1969 llaüt which was built by Astilleros Filadelfo Pascual and was originally dedicated to artisan fishing.  

The new owner decided to give this beautiful recreational boat a new life and commissioned Náutica Latitud 42 Nord the restoration process, wood care and engine change. The old Perkins 4108 engine was removed and replaced with a new Solé MINI-44 engine. This 4-cylinder Mitsubishi base engine with power from 42 hp to 3000 rpm is a great choice for small fishing boats or boats of this kind.

Furthermore, a propulsive analysis was made at the assembly and the complete line with shaft and propeller was installed, also of Solé own manufacturing.