What is the most suitable oil for an inboard marine engine?

Doubts usually arise about which oil is the most appropriate for a marine engine and that is why one of the most frequent queries to the Solé Diesel technical service is precisely to know what oil to put in a boat engine and in the marine transmissions.

If you want to know what type of oil your boat's engine uses and how you can extend the useful life of your propulsion and generation equipment, below, you will find tips that will help you in its periodic maintenance.

For marine engines, marine generator sets and hydraulic inverters, we recommend always using a multigrade oil specially designed for this type of machine.

Solé Diesel 15W40 Multigrade oil, with “ACEA E5 / E3. API CH-4 / SJ” is specially developed to lubricate the engine even in harsh conditions with high loads and high temperatures. In addition, it acts as a magnificent protector against corrosion and keeps the interior of the engine clean, which means less wear and, therefore, greater durability.

If you have ever wondered if it is possible to use the same oil in the boat engine as in the car, keep in mind that it is not recommended since the properties of both types of oil are different, with specific viscosities and additives, developed to work and protect the engine in different conditions and environments.

On the other hand, for mechanical inverters, we recommend always using ATF oil.

Solé Diesel ATF oil helps to reduce friction and friction normally produced in mechanical transmissions. Thanks to its special components and additives, this oil offers great anti-wear power and allows for an impeccable transmission of power from the engine to the propulsion line. Using this oil in your mechanical shuttle will help optimize performance.


Remember that good lubrication is key to obtain the best performance and extend the useful life of the engine or generator.


Always consult the user manual before carrying out any type of maintenance and trust only professionals authorized by the manufacturer.