Solé Diesel generator set 165 GT/GTC PARALLEL for boats

Marine generators 165 GT/GTC PARALLEL 165 kVA 1500 RPM

165 GT/GTC marine generator is the latest addition to the Solé Diesel range. It is a three-phase marine generator set assembled on a 6-cylinder DEUTZ turbo intercooler engine block developing a three-phase power output of 132.0 kW-165.0 kVA at 1500 RPM and 50 Hz. It is the heavyweight of the Solé Diesel range designed for the most demanding conditions for commercial boats. Its 6-cylinder engine block allows you to work in continuous service calmly for long periods. Add to this its housing version and we get a powerful and quiet marine generator which allows peaceful navigation even in the most demanding conditions. 165 GT/GTC has a wide range of kits. Availability to work in parallel synchronization, helps to reduce maintenance for each group by reducing individual working hours of each genset. In addition, it provides a system in which maintenance can be performed on one of the equipment while the others are still in operation.
Max RPM 1500 RPM
Frequency 50 HZ
Phases Three-Phase
Total lenght with canopy 2350 MM
Total width with canopy 865 MM
Total height with canopy 1146 MM
Total lenght without canopy 2079 MM
Total width without canopy 804 MM
Total height without canopy 1070 MM
Maximum active power 132 KW