Sigma 38 Sailboat repowering with MINI-33 Solé engine

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Boat type Sailing boat
Model Sigma 38
Length 11
Displacement 6
Application Sports Navigation
Replaced Repowering
Equipment installed MINI-29
Other equipment installed
Service Engines Plus

This repowering of the Sigma 38 sailing yacht was carried out by Engines Plus, the official Solé distributor in the UK. The equipment installed was the MINI-29 Solé inboard marine engine.

This ultra-compact engine built on a Mitsubishi engine block is intended for sailboats and small fishing boats. It is a 3-cylinder mechanical injection engine with a power output of 27 hp at 3600 rpm and 952 cc, and one of the most appreciated advantages of the engine is the ease of maintenance. It is also ideal for repowering, thanks to the wide variety of kits and customisations that facilitate the adaptability of the engine to the boat.

This sailboat has the singularity of having participated in and won numerous regattas over the last few decades.