Sadler 29 Sailboat repowering with MINI-29 Solé engine

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Boat type Sailing boat
Model Sadler 29
Length 8
Displacement 3
Application Sports Navigation
Replaced Bukh DV
Equipment installed MINI-29
Other equipment installed
Service Engines Plus

Diesel inboard engines for boats.

This sailing boat has been repowered by our British distributor, Engines Plus.

The boat is a Sadler 29 sailboat, designed by David Sadler, was one of the most successful British sailboats, launching around 400 units.

The engine used was the MINI-29, built on a Mitsubishi 3-cylinder mechanical injection engine block with a power of 27 hp at 3600 rpm and 952 cc. It is intended for sailboats and small fishing boats. Its design is compact and easy to maintain, it has a wide variety of kits and customizations that facilitate the adaptation of the engine to the boat, which makes it the perfect model for a repowering.