Installation of 29 GSC generator on Galeon yacht

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Boat type Yacht
Model Galeon yacht
Length 0
Displacement 0
Application Pleasure boat
Equipment installed 29 GSC genset
Other equipment installed
Service Phoenix Poland

Solé Diesel offers propulsion and power generation solutions for your boat. We are manufacturers of marine engines and generators for all types of vessels.

We present this fantastic project led by the official Solé distributor and service network in Poland, Phoenix Poland.

This time it was a yacht from the prestigious Galeon company, where a marine generator had to be installed to supply the boat with electricity and allow the installation of air conditioning on board. After analysis, the 29 GSC model was chosen — a Solé generator assembly mounted on a Mitsubishi engine block which develops a power of 28.4 kVA. This unit is ideal for large recreational craft requiring high continuous power.

We wish the owner of this amazing Galeon yacht many happy hours of sailing, and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Phoenix Poland for their incredible work.