Repowering with MINI-17 in Engine Sailor sailboat

Our assemblies

Boat type Displacement
Model Engine Sailor
Length 24
Displacement 0
Application Pleasure boat
Replaced New installation
Equipment installed MINI-17
Other equipment installed

Shaft and propeller

Service Tempo Badudstyr

Changing the boat's engine was never easier. Check out our repowering solutions avoiding extra costs and minimizing bench work. Custom-made propulsive calculations.              

The user of this beautiful recreational boat said goodbye to the old Bukh engine and welcomed the Solé Diesel engine MINI-17 in this repowering. The legendary model in the inboard marine engine range offers reliable, long-lasting performance with easy maintenance. This marine engine has a variety of configurations depending on the application. The assembly was carried out by the official distributor in Denmark, Tempo Badudstyr, and also installed the complete propulsive line, from the shaft to the propeller.


Solé Diesel Distributor