Repowering of Phaeax boat with MINI-44 engine in Menorca

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Boat type Llaüt
Model Phaeax
Length 0
Displacement 0
Application Pleasure boat
Equipment installed MINI-44
Other equipment installed
Service Nautic Kim

Solé Diesel offers engines for boats for all types of applications, for both recreational and professional use. If you are considering replacing your boat's engine or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We present the assembly of an MINI-44 inboard engine model carried out by Nautic Kim, the official Solé distributor in Menorca.

Once again, the boat rental company Powerboats Galdana called on Solé to renew the engine of one of the traditional Mallorcan sailboats, or ‘llaüts’, in its fleet, in which magnificent excursions around the island may be enjoyed.

The 6.5 metre Phaeax can now look forward to a new and longer lease of life with its new MINI-44 model engine, mounted on a Mitsubishi block and delivering a power output of 42 hp. This marine engine is ideal for small boats that need power and durability in compact spaces.

As we mentioned before, Nautic Kim was in charge of the previous consultancy services, installation and commissioning, thus guaranteeing proper operation and optimal service.

We wish to extend our thanks to all the professionals involved in this stunning project and thanks for the photographies.