Qatar Dhow Boats equipped with Solé Diesel generator sets – from 20 GSC to 50 GTC

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Boat type Classic
Model Dhow
Length 0
Displacement 0
Application Historic ship
Equipment installed From 20 GSC to 50 GTC
Other equipment installed
Service Jassim Ahmed Allingawi Trading

Marine generators for all types of vessels. Tailor-made solutions for commercial and recreational boats.

The engineering team and the international sales team, represented by their directors, Víctor Miravet and Javier Altayó, travelled to Qatar to provide support on various projects that the country's distributor, Jassim Lingawi, is carrying out on several Dhow boats in the port of Al Wakra.

The Dhow boat is an Arab sailing boat, very characteristic and typical of Qatar and several Middle Eastern countries, which is built artisanally with wooden planks.

The Dhow is an icon in Qatar and is even present in the country's coat of arms, as a national emblem.

Dhow boats are typical in the Indian Ocean and their origin dates back to more than 600 years ago when they were used to transport goods of all kinds.

At present, their use is more recreational, usually to host diverse private meetings between friends and families.

During the visits, our colleagues were able to board all the Dhow boats equipped with Solé Diesel generator sets. The models installed are very varied, from the 20 GSC to the 50 GTC, and all of them respond to the need to obtain the electrical energy required to supply all the auxiliary and air conditioning equipment, in a prolonged mode, with maximum efficiency.

The Solé range of marine generators is ideal for commercial applications and vessels of all types. These generator sets offer safe and efficient operation and are available with a variety of installation kits and optional configurations, such as parallel operation or Type Approval certification from IACS member bodies such as DNV.

Some of the Dhow visited have been operating successfully for some time, and some of them are in the process of construction or refurbishment for the coming season. Both Javier and Victor were present for several days to provide the necessary support and answer queries, in addition to offering specific training to the entire team of professionals, whom we would like to thank for their trust and work.

If you have a professional project underway, require technical advice and want to know how Solé generators can help you, do not hesitate to contact us. The Solé team and the distribution and service network is available globally, offering coverage anywhere in the world.

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