Professional water/gas separator - Exhaust accessories for marine engines

Water Exhaust Systems

The water/gas separator kit offers an ultimate solution to the noises made by the exhausts of the engines. Noise is reduced significantly due to the separation from the cooling water and the exhaust gases. This professional range allows a higher workload without losing efficiency. Hose is not included.

Part Number Description DDDE1DE2TypeLL1HH1Flow rate
60730043 Water/Gas Separator 50-50 mm 50 MM50 MM38 MMA 306 MM89 MM306 MM83 MM42 L/MIN
60730044 Water/Gas Separator 60-50 mm 60 - 63,5 MM50 MM38 MMA 306 MM89 MM306 MM164 MM42 L/MIN
60730045 Water/Gas Separator 75-76 mm 75 MM76 MM50 MMB 371 MM143 MM371 MM100 MM60 L/MIN
60730048 Water/Gas Separator 40-40 mm 40 MM40 MM38 MMB 269 MM90 MM269 MM71 MM20 L/MIN
60730049 Water/Gas Separator 45/50-50 mm 45 - 50 MM50 MM38 MMB 306 MM112 MM306 MM133 MM42 L/MIN