Solé SDZ-205 installed in a fishing boat

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Boat type Displacement
Model Fishing Boat
Length 10
Displacement 15
Application Professional fishing
Replaced New installation
Equipment installed SDZ-205
Other equipment installed

Vetus DTA66

Service Pedro Ramos

Inboard diesel engines for professional boats, Global service.
Right hand turning direction

This fishing boat has been fitted with a Solé SDZ-205 diesel marine engine, in addition, it also has a 17 GT generator set installed to keep the bait alive.

The SDZ-205 model is mounted on a DEUTZ turbocharged 6-cylinder engine block with mechanical injection, 7146 cc and develops a power of 195.5 hp at 2300 rpm. It is intended for boats with high demands, and has a wide variety of configurations to meet these more specific requirements.

The assembly was carried out by Pedro Ramos.