Oceanographic boat with Solé Diesel generator and engine

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Boat type
Model Oceanographic
Length 0
Displacement 0
Application Scientific
Replaced New installation
Equipment installed SDZ-280 engine and G-8M-3 12V 230V generator sets
Other equipment installed

https://www.solediesel.com/en/marine-generators-sets2 meters shaft, 50 diameter and 4B propeller

Service Yugmotor

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We highlight this boat based in Ukraine focused on scientific research of the waters of the area. In this project,

Yugmotor Service, our authorized service in the country, has installed a DEUTZ base SDZ-280 engine, 272 hp, and a single-phase G-8M-3 12V 230V generator set of 8 kVA. Both elements offer a complete solution for on-board propulsion and power generation.

In addition, a complete propulsive study was conducted to install a 2-meter shaft with 50 mm diameter and a 4-blade propeller with 21" x 25” dimensions.

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